Monday, December 4, 2006

Daddy's Calling

Today we're going to talk about the telephone. What does that have to do with Chihuahuas you ask? Good question.

Anyone that owns a Chihuahua will tell you how smart they are. Show them something a couple of times and they have it.

Well, as I've said before, my fiance' is a truck driver so he calls home a lot. Rebel knows when I'm on the phone with "dad". I can be talking to anyone else in the world and he ignores me. BUT, the minute dad is on the phone, he's right there with his head cocked off to the side and tries to get his head between me and the phone.

He will sit and listen to dad talk forever. If I'm not fast enough handing him the phone, he'll start pawing at my chin to get my attention.

He can be moody all day, but the minute he has "talked" to dad, he's back to his old self again.

And don't think for one minute that he doesn't understand what you say. All his dad has to do is tell him he is on his way home, and Rebel sits in the window and waits...and waits....and waits.

And people call dogs "dumb animals". I don't think so :)

Ankle Biter? Not if your family!

Hey ya'll...I thought that since you were hearing about the little angel/devil named Rebel you might like to hear a little from MY side. My name is Heather...little Rebel's big sister...and the proud gift giver. Don't let my mom fool you...she has always wanted a chihuahua. Her problem was that she was too proud to admit it. Like she has told you our family is very very set in our ways. The bigger the dog..the better the dog. She would have taken alot of slack for admitting to her rebel tendencies. But as her daughter, I knew what was best. Children DO know best sometimes! I was living in South Carolina at the same time as dear old mom...and as yankees we were not well say the least. So as my mom was a little lonely and missing the clean fresh air of the north, the sweet everyday norm of being ignored (but not because you were an outsider-just because that is the way its done!)...I came up with a plan. I heard about a clan of puppies that just HAD to be given away and that they were white chihuahua's. I being the slick-tongued yankee that I am talked my way into a free one. With delivery, no less! So as we were sitting drinking coffee on the that beautiful hot muggy Valentine's Day a car pulls up! After I ran out of the house and scooped the bundle of joy into my arms the presentation began...and the tears. When I walked into the house with Rebel in my arms the stage was mother being who she is still didn't believe he was for her. So as I said Happy Valentine's Day Mom...the tears began. And that is how my dear mother found her lifelong friend...her son...and my baby brother. If I had to do it all again and get an ankle biter...I would.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Shiver and Shake

Shiver and shake--that's pretty much the protocol here in Wisconsin from November to April :0

As soon as the weather turns cold here, Rebel shivers at the slightest draft. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that he was born down South. But he's been here in Wisconsin for 2 years now and still hasn't acclimated to the climate.

We've tried the sweaters (how do you put a sweater on something that doesn't WANT a sweater on?). We've tried the booties (very cute and FUNNY). But he's male through and through and once he's outfitted in his winter gear, this little chihuahua sits and looks like his dignity has taken a huge blow!

So--we've worked out a routine in our house. As soon as the thermometer outside dips below 35 degrees, once he's outside, I put his favorite blanket in the dryer. Then when he comes in, he makes a mad dash for his bed and I wrap him in the blanket.

How many of you have found that you are ending up doing things for your chihuahua that you never even considered doing for your own family?

Saturday, December 2, 2006

A Chihuahua for Valentines Day

I will start this off with saying a chihuahua was the last dog on earth I ever thought I would own.
I thought they were tiny, vicious, aggressive, yapping mutts. And then my daughter gave me Rebel for Valentines Day!

How do you say "NO" to your daughter? And how could I resist the tiny little white fur ball? That was 3 years ago and am I ever glad I said "YES".

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say chihuahuas have a bad rep. How many of you thought the way I did? Or still think that way? Spend one day in the company of a chihuahua and you'll be hooked for life, guaranteed.

I was living in South Carolina at the time hence the name "Rebel". And as far as I am concerned, he has lived up to that name admirably. He has "rebelled" against the stereotype of the typical chihuahua.

He has a sense of humor and likes nothing better than to make us laugh. He is so quiet-the only time he makes a peep is if someone comes to the door. When he needs to go outside, he just sits politely, staring at you til you get the hint, no whining, no jumping, no barking.

And if someone comes that he considers 'family'-we get the Rebel Happy Dance. And believe me, he considers EVERYONE family :) So we get to see the Happy Dance a lot.

I always heard that chihuahua's were a one-person dog. Not so! I'm home most of the time, at which time he is MY baby. My fiance is a truck driver and gone a week or so at a time, but when he is home, Rebel is HIS baby. When my daughter is here, he is HER baby. And you should see him with my parents (Grandma and Poppa). Grandma and Poppa are farm folks and believe the bigger the dog, the better. Until Rebel wormed his way in. Now that's where he goes when we go on vacation. They won't let him go anywhere else because "no one else understands him" like they do.

His favorite foods are : chicken, broccoli, eggs, milk, and bisquits and gravy.

Are there any other Chihuahua converts out there? Anyone else that has found that you can't judge a book by it's cover? Or in this case-a dog by it's fur?